Image of red ruffle strapless midi dress

The Hottest Boldest Hues That Just Can't Help But Lift Your Vibe

You’ve probably heard about it on TikTok. You’ve probably seen the reels, the reviews, and even the filters. Are you a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Are you cool-toned, warm-toned, or neutral? Does that make your palette deep, light, bright, or muted?

We’re here to reinforce that ‘colour theory’ is a real thing and with so many social media influencers and celebs investing in a Personal Colour Analysis, we think it’s high time we celebrated a few of the hues that might have the biggest impact on your mood. 

Why should you care about these details? Because certain colours can help you pop more in certain shades and hues. Certain colours can make you look bright and beautiful, some can make you look clean and fresh, and others can totally wash you out.

But there are some universal shades that look fantastic on pretty much anyone and can invoke the same sort of vibes, no matter who’s wearing it–like how a stunning, sexy red automatically makes someone look sultry and powerful. Or how a black suit can make someone look professional and no-nonsense. 

That being said, we’ve curated a list of the hottest, boldest hues that can give your ‘fit that extra oomph–and maybe turn some heads, while you’re at it!

Soft Sea Green

Green gets overlooked a lot and we think that’s a crying shame. Certain shades of green–like jade green and forest green–are fantastic hues that are as flattering as they are aesthetically pleasing. We definitely recommend getting a top or bottom in a soft green shade and then pairing it with a light, solid-coloured top. You’ll look fashionable and friendly. 

Flirty Fiery Red

Like we said earlier, red is the colour of power and passion. It’s sultry, it’s eye-catching, and it’s reminiscent of bold, confident bombshells that know exactly what they want. You can opt for a deep, jewel-toned red if you’re going for a night look. For a more casual day look, try a juicy watermelon red for a brighter palette that’s just a little less intense.

Crisp White Accent

White is a clean, neutral color that looks good on everyone. A plain white maxi or midi dress is an absolute classic and works as an all-day look. But if you’re not feeling the head-to-toe vibes, why not try a crisp white accent? It can make a subtle outfit look quietly expensive. A white scarf, white tote, white belt, or even a simple white top can make the other colours of your outfit stand out.

Cool Cobalt Blue

Need a bit of colour that’s not too dark, too bright, or too muted? Cobalt blue is your best friend. It’s a universally flattering medium-deep colour that beautifully complements pastels and neutrals. It’s an absolute godsend if you need to spice up an otherwise drab outfit–think blue top with white pants, blue dress with silver accents, or a cobalt blue jacket for when the wind picks up. It’s also the perfect summer shade

Soft Stone Gray

If you need to mix in a bit of neutral to balance out your vivid palette, opt for a lovely stone gray. It actually pops up on most (if not all) seasonal palettes, meaning it can work with a wide, wide range of skin tones! It’s a calming, solid colour that can definitely tone down loud shades to elevate your outfit–think a gray blazer or jacket over a turquoise blouse or a sensible pair of gray pants to balance out a bright, summery-orange tank top. 

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