Image of woman in bridal pearl pink satin maxi dress

The Non-Bride Bride: What To Wear When You Want To Go Something Non-Traditional

Do you pride yourself on being creative, unpredictable, and unconventional? Do you like breaking fashion rules and traditions for the sake of memorable moments and immediate thrills?

We hear you, we see you, and we’ve totally got your back!

There’s a reason why white wedding dresses are so timeless. The colour is supposed to symbolize purity and virtue—a belief that dates back to (and actually started with) the Roman Republic. These days we like white because it’s just tradition (and you don’t need to be *completely* virtuous to wear it).

But, as we’re sure you’ve noticed, many cultures don’t follow the white dress ‘rule’. Take Indian brides, for instance, who often dress up in red or gold. Chinese and Vietnamese brides also prefer royal, jewel-toned reds for their gowns. And African brides are known to infuse bright hues like yellow and orange into their garment for their special day.

As modern weddings move from traditional to contemporary, we’ve seen plenty of brides and grooms break the norm. Don’t want to wear white to your wedding? Try these alternative bridal gown options to make your special day extra memorable! 


Golden Glam

Gold has long been associated with wealth and fortune. It’s also a pleasingly metallic variation of muted yellow that looks lovely in practically every form of lighting–from natural light to artificial halos, from muted fluorescent to grandiose yellow chandeliers. If you’d rather not wear eggshell or ivory, why not try a glamorous golden gown? Try something with a daring neckline (like our NADIA Satin Maxi Dress) to add some sun-kissed magic to your skin. Or go for a classic silhouette with a sultry, modern twist (like our GISELLE Off Shoulder Cowl Neck Maxi Dress).

And if you aren’t 100% sold on a certain makeup look yet, you can try adding a bit of sparkle to your eyeshadow for extra glitz. 


Pretty in Pink, Lovely in Lavender.

How about an asymmetrical, one-shoulder gown in pale pink or smooth lavender? Although we’re well past assigning genders to colours, there’s something so innately feminine about these shades that naturally draws people in. Amongst a sea of brides clad in white, cream, and light beige, you’ll stand out like a delicate rose petal–stunning but soft, glamorous but graceful. 

Sure, they’re neither classic nor conventional. But pale pink and lavender capture the same fresh, pure, and romantic vibes of any traditional wedding dress. That’s why non-traditional brides are loving our MEREDITH Strapless Bow Mini Dress—it’s feminine but the oversized bow just adds a little extra theatre to make it something special.

For lavender lovers? We also designed our GISELLE Off Shoulder Maxi Dress in this hue, as well as our CALLIOPE One Shoulder Maxi Dress—because what’s better than the perfect dress? The perfect dress in multiple colours!


Silver and Sweet.

If you’d rather bend traditional wedding fashion rules instead of breaking them completely, a silver wedding gown could be your happy compromise. Silver has an expensive, elevated feel to it–like gold or champagne–but it’s still close enough to the white-slash-light-gray spectrum that it could be considered conventional. It’s a modern take on an otherwise classic look and, with the right silhouette, it can look fantastic! 

Try a sleeveless silver dress with a deep, open back (like our NADIA Maxi Satin Dress with Cowl) or a silver gown adorned with silver crystals for extra wow factor (such as our TIERRA Sequin Maxi Dress). It’s all about balancing timeless elements with contemporary vibes. You can keep it muted and monochromatic with silver jewellery or add a bit of textural contrast with white or rose gold pieces.

However, if you’re looking for the perfect white dress with a non-traditional twist, shop our Bridal Collection edit here.