What To Wear & What To Not: The Ultimate Style Guide For Coachella

What To Wear & What To Not: The Ultimate Style Guide For Coachella

Like the Coachella line-up, festival fashion has definitely evolved over the years. Boho-chic broke out to Y2K-meets-disco, which has since given way to ‚ÄėCoastal Cowgirl‚Äô and ‚ÄėDesert Dreamer‚Äô. What can you rely on each year? The pre-festival scramble to decode the perfect blend of effortless cool with just a hint of main-character energy. And our¬†Coachella outfit ideas¬†are here to help you do just that‚Ķ
Read on for some outfit inspirations to get you started.

What Is Coachella Style?

Coachella style has become anything that embodies free-spirited creativity. Think of a vibrant fusion of vintage, indie, and festival styling, where flowy dresses, intricate laces, fringed accessories, and floral headpieces take centre stage.

Think of it as an escapade from conventional fashion norms. It's an excellent excuse to wear that sequin mini dress or flowing maxi skirt you’ve bought because they just make you feel incredible. 

It's a creative venue to unleash your inner artist and make fashion a form of artistic expression. All the same, there are (a few) unspoken guidelines that make the Coachella style distinct from other types of fashion.

Two Piece Sets

Two-piece sets are the O.G go-to for an effortlessly stylish look. They do all the fashion work done for you, creating a cohesive yet striking look, perfect for gracing festival grounds and venues. Opt for fun stripe patterns that align well with Coachella's fashion aesthetic like the JADIA Contrast Crochet Bralette and the JADIA Contrast Crochet Fishtail Maxi Skirt. Wear a pair of black and silver earrings and you’re ready. 


Mix & Match Sets 

Mix-and-match sets are outlets for endless creativity. It's basically Coachella's theme at its core. These pieces curate unique pairings, nontraditional ensembles, and individualised sets, ideal for showcasing your type of art in an outfit. There’s also the classic crop top and shorts duo. Experiment with contrasting colours, patterns, and textures to create an ensemble that speaks to you. Try pairing the VERALI Rose Crochet Bikini Top with the iconic TINA Mom Jeans to nail this look.

Summer Dresses 

Lightweight fabrics and breezy silhouettes are your best friends during Coachella. As such, summer dresses are your cool and chic, under-the-sun outfit bets. Plus, they match the bohemian spirit of the festival so it's a win-win. Check out the SIRAN Puff Sleeve Mini Dress or the BEATRICE Flowy Maxi Dress for those pre-festival selfies (but remember it’s about the fun too). 


Not only are they stylish, but their all-in-one nature ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to dance to your heart’s content and navigate the music festival grounds with ease. Get inspired with the AITANA Halter Neck Knit Playsuit and the ALEXIS Ribbed Cami Playsuit. Accessorise with chain belts to dress up or layer with a denim jacket for a casual vibe.

Denim Skirt & Top 

The double-denim combo is a classic. Why not? Denim is some of the most worn materials at Coachella, after all, and wearing a skirt and top is a cute way to flaunt this duo. Plus, they easily pair with Coachella-loving accessories like hats, boots, and chunky jewellery. To stand out, start off with the ROWENA Denim Buckle Bandeau and the ROWENA Denim Buckle Mini Skirt.

Sequin Dress 

We are all about maximalism at Coachella and sequins are the secret weapon in your bold and flashy style arsenal. The sparkle, the glamour, the vibrance ‚ÄĒ¬†sequin dresses¬†are easily your one-way ticket to festival stardom. Opt for body-hugging sequin dresses in mini length to show off some skin. Don the¬†ZAHRA Open Back Mini Sequin Knit Dress¬†or pave the entrance in shimmer with the¬†YOLANDA Sequin Mini Dress.

Bold Colours 

Bold colours create a sense of energy and excitement, something that resonates well with the Coachella spirits. They make you stand out in a sea of attendees and instantly give your outfit an extra edge. Besides, a vibrant atmosphere calls for an equally vibrant outfit. Check out the MACI Crepe Mini Dress or throw on the NOELLE Chain Mini Dress. Unafraid to capture attention, these mini dresses will allow you to get loud and flirty in style.

Jeans & Crop Tops 

Jeans and crop tops are Coachella-approved combos. This year, we are expecting more minimalistic tops paired with outrageously designed denim jeans. From diamante embellishments to boho-inspired prints, festival-goers are getting more and more creative with their bottoms. Don't settle for less and try out the LAUREN Embellished Straight Leg Jeans with the LINLEY Recycled Nylon Cropped Top.


Lace outfits easily go well with fringe bags and jackets (because we can thank Beyonce for bringing cowgirl back), and perfectly complement the free-spirited festival atmosphere. Embrace this Coachella style with the AMADEA
Lace Mini Dress 
or the ALONDRA Satin Mini Dress With Lace. Pick a pair of tassel earrings that goes well with the colour scheme and you’re ready to dominate the festival event.

Coachella FAQs 

Whether you are a seasoned Coachella veteran or a first-time attendee, you are never truly prepared for Coachella until you do your annual research.

Trends come and go so better safe than sorry. By staying ahead in the fashion curve, you guarantee a maximised festival experience with minimal outfit problems.

To help you style with confidence this year, we rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions of Coachella-goers so you don't have to.

Is there a dress code at Coachella? 

Coachella is an epic, now-world-famous music festival. Preparing for this event is like preparing for fashion week. As most people would probably tell you, 
there's no official dress code.

Coachella prides itself as a fashion playground. Self-expression and individuality reign supreme in this festival.

While there may not be a dress code imposed, there are trends you would want to follow and unspoken outfit guidelines you would not want to ignore.

Coachella attendees often embrace bohemian-inspired aesthetics, with crochets, flowy fabrics, denims, floral prints, and fringe detailing being some of the most popular choices.

Edgy rock-inspired ensembles are also in. Thanks to Blackpink. Think of black jeans, boots, jackets, chain accessories, and sunglasses. Faux leather mini dresses in black also rock this festival fashion category.

On the more feminine side, retro-chic outfits are also great choices. From summer dresses to maxi skirts, this Coachella style is a game-changer for those who want to nail a demure and modest look. Add a flower crown and you are good to go.

For your footwear, boots, sandals, and sneakers are the usual pick. Opt for fringed or denim details on your high-knee boots to ace that boho-chic ensemble. Strappy sandals and white sneakers also make for a great Coachella outfit impression.

Lastly, wear your sunscreen! The outdoor setting and extended periods of sun exposure may increase your risk of sun damage. Add sunscreen to your Coachella prepping routine for that extra layer of protection.

What shouldn’t I wear to Coachella? 

There's no hard rule, but there might be one we strongly suggest you don't wear to a festival: uncomfortable clothing.

Restrictive clothing may also restrict your Coachella experience. Steer clear of heavy fabrics that can trap heat and stick to linen dresses. Light, breezy, and breathable materials are your saving grace during the hot days and briskly windy festival grounds.

Clothes you have already outgrown are also a big NO. There will be lots of walking, moving, and dancing. There's no space for a wardrobe malfunction. Throw on something that will allow you to move freely.

You may also want to skip delicate clothing items that may be at risk of damage or wear due to dusty and crowded conditions. Formal attire may also not be the most ideal choice for Coachella. With their potential for limited mobility and comfort, they may restrict your choices to fully indulge in festival activities.

High heels are also not encouraged, except when you are a hundred percent sure that the venue is neither muddy nor dusty. Long days and nights of standing on your heels can also hurt your feet, so it's best to wear something more comfortable.

Ultimately, while cultural appreciation is paramount in the event, it's important to avoid demeaning cultural symbols such as headdresses with cultural significance. 

Will I need a jacket at Coachella?

The safe answer is yes.

While the days can be scorching hot, there may be weather fluctuations and the nights can bring a noticeable drop in temperature. Before curating your Coachella outfit, check the weather conditions and prepare to adapt to the changing climate

Go for a stylish jacket that goes well with your overall look. Pieces that can be easily tied around your waist will allow you to bring your jacket minus the hassle of carrying it around.

Mastering the art of layering is also a great hack to bring a jacket without disrupting your style. A minimalistic white bandeau or bikini top layered with an oversized denim jacket is a top-notch choice for this. 

Denim jackets with colorful prints and patches are staples in Coachella. Green army jackets are also widely adored in the festival fashion scene. 

A scarf or a cover-up are also great alternatives. A flannel or a thick shirt can be also stylish and practical for unexpected drizzles or a drop in temperature.

Hats are also practical choices, so make sure you have one ready with you.

Can I wear a swimsuit at Coachella?

Coachella welcomes an array of sartorial choices. As an originally desert festival, the high temperatures and the temptation of nearby beaches or pools may lead one to consider donning a swimsuit. As such, the short answer to this is yes.

The decision to wear a swimsuit at Coachella must be based on personal comfort, adherence to the festival aesthetic, and adaptability to the weather conditions.

Nonetheless, regular swimsuits may be unpractical and less festive. At Meshki AU, we design Coachella-inspired swimsuits that complement the celebratory experience.

Check out the SADIE Pearl Knit Bikini Top with the matching SADIE Pearl Knit Bikini Bottom. If you want to show less skin and showcase more glamour, try the GRETCHEN Pearl Halter Top with your favourite jeans.

Sequins, pearls, and 3D floral embellishments are festival staples. By incorporating these elements into your swimsuit, you can easily curate a killer Coachella outfit that goes effortlessly with the vibe.

Wrap Up

The preparation is as important as the experience. By tailoring your Coachella style ahead, you get to skip the last-minute panic and don an outfit that's uniquely you.

In addition, the sheer popularity of Coachella makes the event a hub for fashion photographers, celebrities, and influencers. Planning your outfit means you show up to the event confident and camera-ready.

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