MESHKI's 10-Year Celebration was the perfect way to celebrate an iconic era and usher in the start of a bright new one.

Guest of Honor Elsa Hosk was dressed elegantly in the Elani Dress, walking through the room with poise; she captured the attention of everyone in the room. Alongside her were fellow supermodel icons Shanina Shaik, Georgia Fowler and Bambi. The illustrious guestlist continues beyond there. The space was filled with the fashion elite — among them, Jessica Gomes, Sam Harris, Shay Ellen, Nadia Fairfax, Elle Fergason and Rozalia Russian.
From the grand golden doors of The Machine Hall in Sydney, Australia, guests from around the world poured through. Their eyes would take in the spectacular space adorned in red and gold — a special homage to MESHKI's 10 golden years of life.

From the door, guests would pose for photos against a golden backdrop adorned with the brand's logo or take their photograph in the blinding spotlight.
Georgia Fowler
Elsa Hosk
Bambi Northwood-Blyth
Your journey into the space would take you to an exhibition of MESHKI's most iconic looks over the years modelled by a fabulous talent. Celebrating party bandage styles from the brand's inception, celebrity-worn styles, legendary party designs, unique athleisure and timeless capsule pieces, this exhibition effortlessly conveyed the ambitious and confident characteristics of the brand.

As you follow the red carpet, you will be taken down a golden spiral staircase to an open floor of flowing signature cocktails, a golden MESHKI logo sculpture, and a stage glowing in neon red where a DJ plays music till the end of the night.
Georgia Fowler | Meghan Williams | Jessica Gomes | Sarah Ellen
Samantha Harris
Claude Nume | Deez Jalal | Manu Crooks
Harmony Butcher | Bree McCann | Jasmine Gee
Memu Conteh | Rosaline Kanneh
Meghan Williams | Georgia Fowler | Shanina Shaik
Onyedika Agbarakwe
Shannon Lawson | Tilly Jac Smith | Aisha Jade | Natalie Roser
Renee and Elisha Herbert
Samantha Harris | Cassie Puruntatameri
Izi Angus
Jayny | Lily May Mac
Shadi & Natalie
MESHKI Founders & Directors

The Golden Decade

In the heart of Australia's vibrant fashion landscape, a story of innovation, passion, and transformation unfolds—a narrative that has shaped a decade of style and empowerment. This is the story of MESHKI, a brand that emerged from the creative minds of two architecture students and evolved into an iconic symbol of contemporary fashion. As we celebrate MESHKI's 10th anniversary, we invite you to journey through time, exploring the brand's humble beginnings, its present triumphs, and its aspirations for the future.

In 2013, MESHKI's story began not on the runways, but within the university walls, where Shadi Kord and Natalie Khoei, two architecture students met. Their shared love for fashion found expression on Instagram, a platform that soon became their canvas for expressing the fashion moments that inspired them. The page, brimming with fashion inspirations from celebrities, street style and quotes weaved in between, garnered a following that mirrored their own passion for fashion.

Recognising the potential of their burgeoning community, Shadi and Natalie embarked on a bold venture. With an initial investment of just $200 each, they delved into the world of fashion retail, initially curating accessories from local wholesalers. These early steps were marked by a relentless hustle: running to the university post offices between classes to ship orders, responding to customer emails while in lectures and sleepless nights spent juggling full time university degrees, their new business and their retail casual jobs that could fund their love for online shopping.
2016 was a landmark year when MESHKI transcended from a curator to a creator, launching its first in-house collection, 'The Elite Collection’. This collection, with its buttery soft satin and sparkling diamante straps, was not just clothing but a statement of the brand's identity—luxurious, bold, and empowering. These designs became more than just garments; they were companions in life's special moments for many of their wearers including celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber who were spotted in the brand’s iconic pieces that same year.

The evolution of MESHKI from this point was meteoric. Every piece, crafted in-house, bore the signature of meticulous design and a commitment to empowering women worldwide to be confident, ambitious and unstoppable, dressed head to toe in MESHKI. The brand's growth was not just in its collections, but in this very ethos. Embracing diversity and empowerment, MESHKI stood as a beacon for women, celebrating their myriad forms of beauty, pushing the boundaries of representation of women in today’s fashion industry.

Today, a decade later, MESHKI is not just a brand; it is a global phenomenon. Shipping to 176 countries, it stands tall as an emblem of Australian fashion. The brand's journey of design, taking eight months from design conception to launch, epitomises the dedication to quality and detail. MESHKI’s heart lies in its commitment to empowering women, challenging norms, and embracing diversity in all its forms.

The brand's commitment transcends traditional norms of age, size, and background, embodying a belief that style is timeless and confidence is an endless gift. This philosophy has touched the lives of women worldwide, offering them a mirror in which they see their own beauty and strength reflected—something they had seldom found in mainstream representation.
The impact of MESHKI goes beyond the elegance of its designs; it's felt in the confidence that women experience wearing their pieces. This self-love empowers them to chase their dreams, embrace independence, and achieve their highest potential. For MESHKI, the heartfelt feedback and stories of transformation from its global community are the driving force, continually inspiring the brand to champion inclusivity and celebrate every woman's unique beauty.

This exhibition, marking the 10th anniversary of MESHKI, is more than a showcase of ten iconic looks. It is a tribute to a journey—a decade of dreams, challenges, and triumphs. Each piece in this exhibition is a chapter of MESHKI's story, a testament to its evolution and its enduring spirit of innovation and empowerment.

As you wander through this gallery, let each garment speak to you, not just as a creation of fabric and thread, but as a narrative of passion, resilience, and vision. From the early pieces and the Elite Collection that marked the beginning to the diverse and empowering designs of today, each piece is a mirror reflecting MESHKI’s journey.
In celebrating MESHKI's 10th anniversary, we celebrate more than a brand; we celebrate a movement, a community, and a vision that transcends the boundaries of fashion. We honour the spirit of two young dreamers who dared to redefine elegance and empowerment.

With your love and support, we welcome a new decade for MESHKI—a beacon of style, a symbol of empowerment, and a legacy in the making.
Kristin Apollos
Christina Sikalias
Amanda Chan
Shanina Shaik
Bambi Northwood-Blyth
Rosaline Kanneh
Basrah Ajeh | Kishama Meridian
Elsa Hosk
Rino Imamiya
Sarah Ellen
Ariarne Lepine | Lauren Stevenson | Roberta George
Claude Nume | Deez Jalal | Manu Crooks | Sean XT
Miji Awakyr
Jaz Hand | Riley Hemson | Esha Aventha Naidoo | Rino Imamiya
Ellie Gonsalves