Our Ultimate Bridal Style Guide: From Bride To Bridesmaid To Maid Of Honour (& Everything In-Between)

Our Ultimate Bridal Style Guide: From Bride To Bridesmaid To Maid Of Honour (& Everything In-Between)

As a bride, getting married not only marks a major milestone in your life — it’s also one of the few opportunities to truly celebrate your nearest and dearest in your way, your style, your aesthetic. That’s pretty major in itself!

From the menu, to the music, to the master (or mistress) of ceremonies, there’s a lot to keep track of and get right. 

And picking your wedding style aesthetic? That’s often the biggest hurdle of all.

But weddings aren't just overwhelming for brides-to-be. Think of all the guests who have to dress the part for the ceremony and blend in with a dress code that their wardrobe isn't initially fond of. You want to make sure every inch of you is Instagram-ready for the big day, and a huge part of it is choosing the right attire.

So whether you're a bride-to-be, bridesmaid, or even a prospective Maid of Honour, we’ve pulled together a guide to ensure everyone gets what they want on your wedding day—especially you.


Who Runs The World? Brides!

It's easy for every bride-to-be to get panicky by all the planning that goes into their weddings, but it's important to remember that your outfits are the one thing you can control completely.

You don't have to worry about whether or not your cake will be delivered or if your photographer will show up on time—just focus on choosing your wedding dress and coordinating all the other pieces in your wardrobe around it.

Starting with this mindset will make everything else seem like a piece of (your wedding) cake.

The trick is to plan and ensure that you're prepared for every event on your calendar. That way, you won't be caught off guard when it comes time to put together your look for the wedding—or any other pre- or post-wedding event!

For A Bridal Shower To Remember

Interestingly, it doesn't have to be white, but it should still fit your wedding vibe (or maybe not at all). 

If you are the bride, and you are throwing your own bridal shower, then we suggest that you set the dress code based on your own personal style.

This is your day, your party, and it should be just what you want it to be. If that means wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or flaunting a ball gown with a tiara and sash made of ribbons, go for it!

If you will let someone else host your bridal shower, follow their lead on the party theme. If they want everyone to wear black tie outfits or swimsuits with flip-flops, then bring it on!

We believe every woman should feel like she's on top of her game no matter the occasion, so we offer an array of styles from casual to elegant and everything in between.

From Blooming To Beaming: Finding The Perfect White Dress

It's never easy to find the right style and fit when dealing with so many variables: your body type, your personality, what your future mother-in-law wants—the list goes on (but remember, it’s your day, your choice).

Either way, don’t worry—we've got your back. We've outlined some of our favourite wedding dresses that are worth a detour on your ensemble if a wedding gown is not your vibe. 

Thank us later.

  1. EVERLY Off-Shoulder Organza Satin Maxi Dress

More often than not, less is more—and so it is when it comes to your wedding dress. Perfect for a self-proclaimed minimalist bride-to-be, this simplistic yet dramatic off-shoulder dress will allow you to express your style and personality while being comfortable in an opaque polyester-and-elastane fabric. Now, you can feel like yourself on your big day.

  1. KAILEY Low Back Maxi Dress With Detachable Bow Train

Our KAILEY Low Back Maxi Dress is all simplicity at the front, with a hint of drama at the back. The low cut back and simple lines of this dress are complemented beautifully by the detachable bow detail on the train, adding some glam to an otherwise simple style. It's indeed the divine choice to take you straight into your honeymoon.

  1. KIRSTY Strappy Circle Cutout Maxi Dress

All eyes won’t be able to help being on you with our KIRSTY Strappy Circle Cutout Maxi Dress. With its understated yet refined aesthetic, the vibe reminds us of an A-line celebrity intimate wedding. With barely-there elasticated straps and a sexy back, it's guaranteed to turn heads and wow the guests.

For The Bridesmaids: Stealing Hearts Without Stealing The Show

If you've ever been a bridesmaid, you know the drill. You show up on the wedding day and are handed a dress that's a size or two too big or small, with no time to go shopping for something that actually fits.

Or, you may have been forced to wear a bridesmaid dress that's in dispute with your skin tone, body shape, and overall personality.

But MESHKI brides know how to ensure everyone ends up with a look that suits them best. Here’s what we mean…

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Guide For The Bride

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress is almost harder than finding the perfect wedding gown because you’ve (usually) got more than one person and style to think about.

They need to be comfortable enough to dance in but not so comfy that they look like they’re lounging. Stylish enough for social media but not too flashy to take over the whole event.

So how do you know if your bridesmaids' dresses are hitting all these marks? Start by choosing a theme!

If you don't know what theme to choose, opt for neutral colours like beige or cream—they'll work everywhere! Check out our LEXIA Scoop Low Neck Midi Dress. It's one beautiful bridesmaid dress that complements instead of clashes with your bridal dress.

Earth tones are also striking. Think of green leaves, grey skies, red roses, or the beautiful sunset. If this is your vibe, the NADIA Maxi Satin Dress With Back Cowl or the CHANDRA Lace Detail Satin Maxi Dress are your classic choice.

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Guide For The Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid dress etiquette has changed over the years. You no longer have to wear a dress that isn't your favourite. These days, bridesmaids are given the freedom to pick their own wedding aesthetics. But with this greater prerogative comes a greater responsibility to dress the part. 

For starters, you should pick a colour that matches the wedding theme. This one seems obvious, but it's important! If you deviate from the dress code, it can throw off the look of the entire wedding party.

Luckily, you only need to worry about your wedding speech. 

Leave the dress stress to us. 

 Here are bridesmaid dresses from our collection that we know you’ll want to wear again.

  1. FAREEBA Pleated Maxi Dress

The FAREEBA Pleated Maxi Dress in Rosewater is the perfect twist on a summer wedding dress. With Shiraz text hardware detailing, a centre front cut out, and smart pleating on the skirt (for freedom of movement), this dress gives you all the iconic embellishments without going overboard.

  1. CORA Tie Back Maxi Slip Dress

If you are a lavender lover and so are the bride and groom, the Cora Pleated Maxi Dress is a surefire way to be the darling of the crowd. The lace-up style detailing makes for a dazzling bridesmaid dress, whilst the soft colour of this maxi slip dress makes it perfect all year round.

  1. ALENA One Shoulder Maxi Dress

This one-shoulder dress is the perfect bridesmaid gown for those who want to show a little skin. The asymmetrical neckline and open back are both feminine and sexy, while the maxi length adds elegance to any body type. 

For The Predestined Best Dressed Guest… The Maid of Honour


Aside from ensuring everything goes smoothly at the wedding, as a Maid of Honour, it is also your prime duty to stand out for all the right reasons from the rest of the attendants.

As the bride, to help your maid of honour pick a dress that sets her apart from the rest, choosing a darker shade for her is the easiest way to nail this objective.

Offer a dress that reflects their importance as well as their style by choosing a dress with rich colours and patterns that will pop amongst all the other bridesmaids' dresses. The darker shade will ensure they dominate the bridesmaids' line while still staying true to the rest of the wedding party's outfits.

Take for inspo our PRUE Spliced Lace Maxi Dress in Cherry Chocolate or our CLEMENTINE Chain Maxi Dress in Fresh Green. Both dresses offer bold colours but not enough to overpower the white of a bridal dress. Match it with our silver platform heels for a femme fatale beauty that's hard to resist.

Browse here for more stunning pieces to add to your wedding dress list and don’t forget to subscribe for updates when we launch our latest bridal collections.